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An award-winning Singaporean interactive fiction game that lets you experience life as someone else. What choices would you make, if you were them?

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Characters in Early Access

Nadia Binte Rahim @nadiarah!m
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Volleyball practice is tiring, but it's nowhere near as exhausting as the rest of my life! Sometimes I wonder if everybody has so much drama in their life, or if it's just me. I want to be a doctor, a good daughter, a reliable friend, and I'm also trying to figure out my faith - and given that I go to a co-ed Christian school, that can get pretty tricky some times. Especially if I end up liking someone who won't "pass the parent test" because he's Christian and Chinese. But that's life as Nadia. And this is what it's like, to be me.
#ToBeNadia #TooMuchDrama

Decisions you make now will play out in subsequent chapters!
Aman Singh @amanofhisw0rd
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What do you think about this headshot? Been trying different looks out to see what would work for my casting portfolio. I guess breaking into the acting and modelling world was never going to be easy, but I didn't realise it would be so hard because of who I am. And there's so much pressure on me to change how I look, just to have an easier life in NS, or to finally get a casting call back... but I don't know if that's the right thing for me to do. I'm lucky my Selinder hearts me for who I am, but life's pretty tough as Aman. I guess this is what it's like, to be me.
#ToBeAman #PunjabiSikhModel

Decisions you make now will play out in subsequent chapters!


About the Project

What if you were born as somebody else? What if your race, gender, and other "identities" were something else? Would you still be able to go through life as you have? Would it be easier? Harder? What challenges and opportunities would you have that are different? What would it be like to not be you?

These are hard questions. But questions we must ask ourselves, so we can be better.

We are building an interactive fiction game that gets to the heart of empathy. But instead of asking people to "walk a mile" in others’ shoes, we are giving you a chance to be them — to play as a character with their identity in our game.

To Be You was conceived to help dismantle stereotypes and reduce prejudice, and ultimately foster greater empathy and inclusiveness among Singaporeans. This idea was one of the winners of the 2020 MCCY:Mission Unite Hackathon.

This is a project by the non-profit volunteer-run techforgood community, At, we brainstorm, build, and supercharge techforgood digital tools to address societal issues.

The team

Gaurav Keerthi

Co-lead, Dev Team Lead

Gaurav is a hobby coder and believes that empathy comes from recognising that everybody has a story, and we should take the time to listen and understand first.


Co-lead, Design Team Lead

Zikun is a UX/Experience designer focused on creating fun and impactful experiences across digital and physical mediums.

Dev Team

Research & Content Team

Design Team

  • Amy Whip
  • Axelle Cheng
  • Desiree Khng
  • Diandrea Ho
  • Germaine Lee
  • Goh Si Hui
  • Lilian Lee
  • May Chiang
  • Nikko Jarata Lopez
  • Peng You Yun

Growth & Impact Team

  • Team Lead: Aaqib Kufran
  • Andhika Agung Pratama
  • Clara Tang
  • Jasmine Ong
  • Ramakrishnan Karthigayan
  • Sherilyn Tan
  • Wei Yi Tan

Partners & Freelancers

  • Writing Team from Sing Lit Station:
  • Celestia De Roza
  • Cheng Him
  • Crispin Rodrigues
  • Don Shiau
  • Izyanti Asa'ari
  • Jennifer Anne Champion
  • Pamela Seong Koon
  • Praval Visvanath
  • Sarah Mak
  • Shivram Gopinath
  • tysha khan
  • Ummi Tasfia
  • Valen Lim
  • Freelance Writers:
  • Sandeep Singh
  • Illustrators:
  • Isabella Tong
  • Chloe Chan
  • Soundtrack:
  • Darren Sng
  • Dev support by OneXTech:
  • Ryan Yeo
  • Joel Koh
  • Public Relations by Tate Anzur:
  • Tengku Mariam & team

Get in touch with us!


If you care about empathy in Singapore and want to give us feedback, share your own stories, and help make this game spread like wildfire, get in touch with us! We would also love to hear your experiences with diversity so we can consider it for future characters!



If you are a school or an organisation that thinks this game might be a good way to get your students or staff to have a productive and positive conversation about empathy and cultural differences, reach out to us and get notified when our "facilitated discussion" toolkit is launched. 


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If you would like to be part of volunteer the team behind this project, and you are able to fill these specific roles (covering illustration, UIUX, social media, public relations) in the team, please do join us as a volunteer (and you'll also join the community!)